ludwig DRUMS

Drew plays many Ludwig kits in different live and studio contexts, including the Keystone, Classic Maple, Legacy Classic Maple, and Legacy Classic Mahogany. He also drums with the Black Beauty, Supraphonic, Copperphonic, and Classic Maple snare drums. 



Drew plays a variety of Zildjian Cymbals, including a 19” K Dark Thin Crash or 18" Avedis, 20" A Custom Crash or 19" Avedis, 15" A New Beats or 15" Avedis Hats, 22" K Custom Medium Ride, 22" A Medium Ride or 22" Kerope Medium Ride, 20" K Crash Ride or 21" Avedis, and 20" K EFX (prototype) or A Custom EFX. 


vic firth

Drew drums with Vic Firth Extreme 5B sticks. 



Drew plays on Remo Coated Emperor heads on the snares and toms and a Powerstroke 3 bass drum head.